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Management :

Managing Director:
Salahi SERAKINCI, B.Sc (Pharmacist) Istanbul

Financial Director:
Uluc SERAKINCI, Banking and Finance (EMU)

Company Profile:
Serakinci Ltd, a family owned company established in 1992. With more than 15 years of experience in veterinary field, Serakinci Ltd has managed to become the leading veterinarian company in N.Cyprus.

By supplying quality products and services for veterinary purposes, we care about the health and well-being of the animals. We have sales organisation who visits pharmacies, drug stores, pet clinics and farms on weekly basis and a merchandasing team visits veterinarians on regular basis to promote our products.

On our sales team we have 3 salesmen and 4 veterinarians to promote our sales and give technical help to our customers.

We are the sole representatives of some very well-known
International and Turkish companies in N.Cyprus like Lohmann Animal Health – Germany, Merial - France, VMD - Belgium, Dutch Farm Int. - Holland, Chemifarma – Italy, Intracare – Holland,  and Topkim -Turkey in N.Cyprus.